Thursday, September 30, 2010

Double Template #15

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Double Template #15

I love being able to fill my double page layouts with lots of pictures. Sometimes, I use really small photos so that I can fit bunches on the page, but other times, I like to be able to really show the photos. This double page template allows for 6 photos that are each over 3x5.5 inches. With a neat paper strip to anchor the photos to the page and plenty of background showing through, you'll be able to show of your photos and tell your story through your scrapbook pages!

Slight drop shadows are included on the .psd versions only for your scrapping convenience. These are easy to change or remove if desired.

12x24 inch version - .psd
both 12x12 inch halves - .psd
each 12x12 inch page is also included in .png layers
* The .png version of my templates are now made using "Invisi-dots" - placement dots that can't be seen and don't have to be removed!!!

*** All of my kits, elements, and templates are now S4H friendly!

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