Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Put a Verb in it! - Play Mini Theme Kit

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This mini kit (and the remainder of the mini kit series) is all about actions.  You know…. VERBS!  I don't mean those pesky little "state of being" verbs - I'm talking about the ones where someone is really doing something.  When someone wants to make changes or improvements in their life, they need to put a verb to work.  So, I invite you to put a verb in your layout when you scrap.

"Put a verb it it - Play" is all about the things we do for fun.  As I selected the words and elements for this kit, I imagined children having fun together; but, it isn't just for children.  These are all things that would work for anyone having fun together.

The words in this kit include: climb, crawl, discover, explore, jump, laugh, play, pretend, share, slide, swing, and wiggle.

Also included is a bonus template created by my friend Monica.  I just love the creativity of her templates and I hope you like it too!

7 Papers
2 frames
1 strand of beads
2 flower stickers
5 turquoise ribbon elements
1 line of stitching
1 journal sticker
1 tag
12 VERB stickers
1 torn paper mat
1 template

*** All of my kits, elements, and templates are now S4H friendly!

Additional Images:

Example Layout by Sparky_mom:

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