Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Utsukushii Nihon - Beautiful Japan


The entire world has always admired the beauty of Japan, and now, I'm bringing all of that beauty to your scrapbook pages! In Japanese, Utsukushii Nihan means Beautiful Japan; this kit represents many of the most beautiful aspects of Japan.

The people of Japan love nature and the world around them, so many of the papers and elements of this kit reflect that love. But don't worry, I've included many of the basic scrapbooking elements that help make your pages their most beautiful!

The patterned papers and elements are very traditional and represent Japan - but many are the same patterns that people around the world have adapted and used for years.

20 patterned papers
6 embroidered elements
3 flower accents
1 strand of beads
1 line of page stitching
1 shodo - kanji art (this one says "Nihan" - it means Japan)
1 origami frame (I've also included the same design in two layers)
3 decorated brads
4 tags
1 journal paper/sticker
5 wide pink ribbon elements
9 narrow blue ribbon elements

*** All of my kits, elements, and templates are now S4H friendly!

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