Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Letter to my Faithful Friends and Customers

To my faithful friends and customers,

I feel the need to write this letter of explanation to all of you at this wonderful time of the year.  It's a time that I've always reached out with gifts to my customer/friends (to me, you are one in the same!), but I realized that I didn't do that this year.  It's time for me to turn things around!

This past year has been busier than normal in my household.  The normal activities of my active teenagers seem to have been running at a higher level than ever before.  We are also "knee deep" in several home remodeling projects.  All of this has just eaten away at my time, and because of that, I haven't created very many kits in the past year and even fewer gifts.  Both to me are important.

Starting on Dec. 20th - and going through the end of December - I'll be giving away calendar QPs each day.  This is my gift to you; along with the help of my great friend Monica that has stayed by my side even through my down time.  Each month will feature a different kit from my store - all still available if you do desire to buy them.  In fact, you'll find them discounted through Jan. 1.

Part of me wonders why I haven't just closed my store - but I'm simply not ready to do that!  I don't design for the money; I design because I need that outlet.  I'm a creative person and I have a need to create beautiful things.

I'm sure that many of my friend/customers have assumed that I'm out of the game completely, so because of that, you'll have a couple days to get each QP set.  I also ask that each of you that does see this will tell your digi-friends to visit my blog and collect the complete set.  Please spread the word that DreamerPaula is active again!

Thanks for your past (and future) patronage.

Christmas and Holiday Blessings to all of you!

Paula Yagisawa
aka DreamerPaula

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