Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finish Line

From the moment they are born, most boys seem to be in a constant race for speed! This kit is perfect for celebrating those amazing memories of toy cars, first cars, and trips to the race track. Don't forget, some girls like SPEED, too!


10 papers
Complete upper case alphabet with numbers
2 tire buttons with 4 optional stitching files
ball chain loop
5 embroidery elements
5 metal hardware elements (brad, eyelet, staple, paperclip and prong)
4 decorated journal papers
5 straight checked ribbons
5 crazy folded checked ribbons
5 page tied checked ribbons
5 knotted checked ribbons
5 side tied checked ribbons
4 paper tags - cut to look like cars
1 stencil style tire tread - page border

Availble at:
Currently not available - coming back soon!

Sample Layouts by Lorraine:


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